Stay With Me
Poetry By Anthony James


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Stay With Me
Poetry By Anthony James

You opened the locks
I myself clamped shut-
By the Grace of Mercy
I am at last, able to get up

My Truth made known-
I am not going Home-
Not yet-


To Walk-
A new walk
A walk of Life
Towards Jesus' Light

And it's all up hill
And I'm so addicted to sinning
Even so, I must go.
I must show-
Jesus, I want to go Home-
And Oh do I want to go Home-

So I stand up
And He looks at me-
He says- 'Steady on your feet, son'
And His hand touches mine-
And a Grace goes through me
And I am in a World of Light-
I am Saved tonight-

And I am about to find out-
That with every sin,
His Light dims-
Brightening every so lightly
With Repentance, from my heart-

Oh the sadness and sorrow
Of each and every sin
And I am sinning...
But I know of the Light-
And I am getting tired of the Dark
In the Dark I cannot live
And I love Life-

And in these things
I am turning around-
Seeing the Dark for what it truly is

And the Dark hates me
And I want to be Loved
And He has Life and Love-
And He is showing me-
Every time I sin-

Exactly these things.
And I am turning around-

And I am becoming a clean boy.
I know Lord I fail at times-
And all that's on my mind
It truly scares me-
The thought of You leaving-
And prayers that end with ..
'Stay With me'.