Poetry By John CannonSuch Extravagance...
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Such Extravagance...
By John Cannon

to shower us
with far more capabilities
than we ever use ―

five or ten or thirty
finely-tuned senses *

billions upon billions
of delicate neurons
in the human brain. **

I like to think it was
a grand conspiracy

twixt God, the Universe
and Mother Nature

to give us no excuse
for not appreciating
the greatest gift of all,

this magical
garden of Eden
called planet Earth.

The huge question is

will we continue
to devolve
to our basest instincts of


our only precious home?

will we or (more likely)
our progeny

discover and fully use
our wondrous capabilities

to embrace, cherish
and care for

the magnificent gifts
we have received?

atlantic storms
The outer beauty of the planet Earth - Photo by NASA

The inner beauty of a Large-flowered trillium on planet Earth - Photo by Sharon Fisher

*Humans have more than five senses
**How many senses do humans have?

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