Lance LandallThat Love Bug
Poetry by Lance Landall
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That Love Bug
Poetry by Lance Landall

 Itís a cheeky little thing, and itís mischievous too, It grins at you ítill you smile, and then it giggles at you. Sometimes it creeps up on you, and jostles you from behind, Or it leaves you little notes, sweetly noughts and crosses signed.

It sometimes tickles your toes, and wrestles with your bed sheets, It even hides your slippers, or it ďPleeeeease will youĒ repeats. It takes bites from your sandwich, sneaks sips from your hot drink too, And whispers things in your ear, as it snuggles up to you.

It reads over your shoulder, then startles you, when it speaks, Covers your eyes with its hands, pulls your nose and pats your cheeks. It chases you íround the house, and sometimes plays hide-and-seek, And when you sneak up on it, itís inclined to jump and shriek.

It brings you breakfast in bed ó REALLY? ó well, Iím hoping so, It often turns the lights down, and turns on the stereo. It rests itself against you, itís affectionate and sweet, And it loves to hold your hand, when youíre strolling down the street.

It smiles at you lovingly, stares at you quizzically, And sometimes communicates ó or so it seems ó telepathically. It treats you, it spoils you, it waits for you, it misses you, Itís always there besides you, despite crazy things you do.

It kisses and caresses, gives you cuddles or a squeeze, Or when youíre lightly snoozing, itíll get a feather and tease. It gives you nice surprises, makes a real big fuss of you, However, I must admit, that it can bamboozle too.

Yes, itís somewhat a mystery, yet, without it, oh, dare, I would be so unhappy, wonder why on earth Iím here. Though it may well bamboozle, even be a mystery, Loveís the greatest bug on earth, and Iím glad that it caught me.

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