Lance LandallThat's How Much
Poetry by Lance Landall
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That's How Much
Poetry by Lance Landall

Youíre saying that God doesnít love you, and perhaps you think that He couldnít, And I guess itís just so easy for some people to say that you shouldnít. However, in your mind, friend, such thoughts and feelings are indeed very real, And hence why what we need to try and do here is, Godís love for you reveal.

Firstly, consider how Christ, (who is the Fatherís treasured and only Son), Left His Fatherís loving presence to be with those who this Saviour would shun. Yes, think of how this Prince of Peace left His heavenly paradise behind, And for many years upon this earth, joined in humanityís daily grind.

Now consider how our Creator came to serve those that He'd created, And how He whilst here upon this earth, had to face that which Him awaited. Think of how Jesus was betrayed, even deserted by His very own, And how one denied that he knew Him, and how He thus faced His Trial alone.

Think of all that our Saviour endured while here, the cruel jeering and mocking, And those assaults upon His body, and yes, that death so cruel and shocking. And how He even thought that His own Father had forsaken Him as well, And how some who He had come to save, wickedly conspired to do Him ill.

Now consider such an amazing love that willingly this dreadful price paid, And how this One who's so deserving of homage, such sacrifice displayed. Yes, how this very earthís Creator died for everyone that He had made, And how this merciful but cross-bound Saviour even for His killers prayed.

Well, that's how much Jesus loves us all, and of course, His caring Father too, For both of them were in total agreement that Christ needed this to do. Yes, their love had made provision for the salvation of our fallen race, Clearly knowing that only Calvary could provide us with saving grace.

Now, think of how the Father must have felt, as this sad scene on earth took place, And the restraint that He clearly exercised when they spat on His Sonís face. Think of His righteous indignation on seeing His Holy Son profaned, And how the slaughter of such Innocence would have very deeply pained.

Yes, the Father witnessed all these insults, and accusations most unfair, And also His Son's loneliness and heartache, His Son's pain and deep despair. But all this for sinners ó you and I ó the Father and His Son chose to share, For that is how much they truly love us, that is how much they truly care.

Can you see it now, my friend ó that is, how much love God really has for you? Is there anybody that you know whose love could ever such love outdo? No, we all know that there couldnít be, for such a love like that is divine, Yes, a love that just isn't comparable with the likes of yours and mine.

Such amazing love is unchangeable, and it will never cease to be, Therefore, no matter what we think or feel, itís always there for you and me. Yes, regardless of our wrong behaviour, such love will never from us flee, For this love also includes sinners, as Jesus Christ proved on Calvary.

Yes, the God who's up above, so loved the world, (which of course means you and I), That He despatched, (with His approval), His loving Son who for us would die. And this Saviour never came to condemn us, but to offer grace to all, And such grace covers all repentant sinners who upon the Father call.

Therefore, if the devil ever tempts you with the thought that God doesnít love you, Or with the terrible thought that God couldnít, which is equally untrue, And if gloomy discouragement and darkness has you wrongly thinking such, Just look at what God has done for you, and always remember, THATíS HOW MUCH!

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