Noelene SandersonPoetry By Noelene Sanderson
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Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touches the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.




The seagulls are gliding in circles
-  intangible Life supporting them
in Flight . . .
. . . .then one darts off at a tangent,
to a far sky dark with night;
taking the path that is lonely  -
that leads to
 a heavenly light.
But the call of Love is a strong one,
and it pulls on his heart and his mind,
'till he can't ignore the beauty
that he's willfully left behind.
And he senses that THAT was his freedom,
the route he was meant to fly;
-  as he coasts on the wind. . .
. . .to rejoin his kind,
lightness and peace send his spirits high;
and he knows that 'tho' he may wander
for a wider view now and then,
he'll always return,
for the truths that he learns
are for sharing
-  and sharing again!
Joy and strength are companions
as he glides on a current of air,
feeling the heavens are open
whenever he wants to seek
confidence there!

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