This is Strength?
Poetry By Anthony James


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This is Strength?
Poetry By Anthony James

you say you are strong
I say I am strong
but we are wrong

we are freaks
we lie and lie
it's our pride

we are weak
we are freaks
we lie to each other
we are dying alone, together-

pushing away love
we are pushing love away
as if to say

I am strong, alone

so then, look at you
and look at me.

this is strength?

By Anthony James , © 2012, All rights reserved.

Author notes
If Jesus is not in your life, not in you, you are alone even in Times Square on New Years Eve. God is Love. No God, no love. We "men" do not 'love' it is God who Loves and we 'men' who seek it from other 'men' (women). So, think about it. Answer this one question if you are an adult. Are you loved? Do you love someone? Aye, not so many responses ; ) I know the answer, you don't have to say- but just know that I speak the truth and it doesn't say 1 thing about me. But it Glorifies God. My words Glorify Jesus. If you don't know Jesus or have Jesus within you- all you have to do is turn your heart around and just ask for Him in sincerity and He will bless you, and change you with His Love.