Thy Kingdom Come
Poetry By Anthony James


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Thy Kingdom Come
Poetry By Anthony James

made to live
made to choose
who am I
but a man

my problems will arise
free to choose
I will choose

my choices to be judged
by the Heavenly Father's Rule
Crowned Divine
His Truth be not mine

Who will know
who is worthy
no one.
I am not.
I am at Jesus' mercy only

we go along
through the days
living our life
by the means of our ways

we become who we are
True as the Morning Star
undeniably unique
no words to speak

God Knows All Things

God is not confused like man
He Rules With An Exact, Precise Hand
It will not matter when men
do not understand.

Screams and cries
will not change the ways of our lives
deaf ears will be the punishment
fire will be the element
regret will be til the end.

Judgement Day
Will be exact and there will be no delay.
For God Is The Divine Creator and Judge
Of All called His way.