Lance LandallThis Woman Who’s In Your Life
Poetry by Lance Landall
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This Woman Who’s In Your Life
Poetry by Lance Landall

This woman who’s in your life was never meant to be abused, And neither was she meant to be just an object to be used. So, don’t call your wife sexy, for that’s an insult in itself, Reducing her to something that's found upon a porn shop shelf.

Yes, pretty you may call your wife, and very attractive too, But wrong focus on the body will just harm the both of you. To a woman it’s essential that she’s loved for who she is, And not forgetting that her needs can be different to his.

Tragically, and wrongly so, many men abuse their own, Thus forgetting that a woman should be seen as just on loan, For they’re entrusted with her safety, along with her well-being, But judging by appearances, this, many men aren’t seeing.

She’s something that you treasure, and that you treat with tender care, For she needs your sensitivity, and sympathetic ear. Her feelings are not for crushing via some thoughtlessness from you, And nor should you deceive her by saying anything untrue.

She should constantly be shown that she’s the only one for you, So, give her your full attention — show that you value her view. Often tell her you love her, show it via things you say and do, Always making her feel desired, that your love for her is true.

Never break her confidence, nor betray her trust in you By selfishly indulging in unfaithfulness that you’ll rue. And never say things in public about her that are unkind, Nor violate her physically, or manipulate her mind.

Treat the bedroom honourably, as even there, self is wrong, For restraint and discipline — here as well — rightly belong. Sex isn’t just for pleasure, as it can also bring forth life, And the last thing any child needs is your relationship in strife.

Sadly so, many women’s eyes can reveal deep hurt within, And their bodies some nasty bruises that no love from them would win. But hurting that’s internal, pains more than those bruises showing, Oh, if only many men could see all the damage they’ve been sowing.

No, macho isn't manly, that’s just a Hollywood affair, For real manliness is shown when self refuses to appear. Yes, the dignity of manhood has no childish intention To go making its own desires the focus of attention.

Remember that she’s your equal who deserves the same respect, For treating women differently will wrongly them afflict. It’s oppressive domination that causes revolutions, Whereas — that love that’s free of self — is where we find solutions.

Man’s value is no greater, and nor is his contribution, And accepting this, helps bring any needed resolution. For it’s only by the right things that we fan the flames of love, And never by mentalities that just push and pull or shove.

So don’t ever take for granted one who gives their love to you, For nothing is so precious, and so complimentary too. Yes, every woman’s heart responds to the use of certain keys, But especially that one — that just her alone — seeks to please.

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