Time Is On Our Side
Poetry By Anthony James

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Time Is On Our Side
Poetry By Anthony James

Don't let go, hold on tight!,
With all your courage and all your might!
You never know what the future could bring,
So just relax and do your thing.

And even when the going's tough
And you feel like you have had enough
Always remember that time's on our side
Things will turn around,If you're along for the ride!
To find your path, you have to follow your heart!
And even when it's all falling apart

Keep going! Stay strong!
You'll see that it all turns around before long.
And always remember that time's on our side
Once everything's better, you'll be glad that you tried!

Although you might stumble while pursuing your dreams
Keep fighting! It's never as bad as it seems.
There might be a challenge or two in the way,
But tomorrow will heal all the hurts of today.

You have to remember that time's on our side
No matter what happens, that can't be denied.
Just keep your chin up and you'll quickly discover
That you can make mistakes and completely recover!
There's plenty of time for your dreams to come true
To try, to screw up, and to start again, too.

Time's on your side if you're in a bind.
When you're tired of trying, just keep that in mind
And rest if you must, but never submit!
For the challenge of life is
Never to Quit!