Lance LandallWhat A Fool Id Be
Poetry by Lance Landall
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What A Fool Id Be
Poetry by Lance Landall

Amidst troubles in my life, Ive a God whos there for me, One wholl never let me down, One I trust, implicitly. Though storms may round me rage, and threaten to overwhelm, I have His precious promise, Hell be standing at the helm.

Hes a God whos promised much, for much, He can deliver, As He is the Creator, sustainer, and life-giver. All His promises He keeps, for a God of truth, is He, Thus I know Hell see me through, all that lies ahead of me.

He is powerful and strong, He commands, and things are done, He controls every movement, of the earth, the moon, and sun. The stars and all the planets, are securely held in place, By this same God, who breathed life, into the human race.

Though Hes the God Almighty, who reigns majestically on high, His love, all this surpasses, hence why for me, He came to die. The cross that bore His body, symbolizes the degree, He was prepared to go too, for a wretched one like me.

Now thats a God worth trusting, when Ive problems in my life, When my very life is threatened, or, when in the midst of strife. Despite what may befall me, He will make it fit His plans, For my God, my best interests, very clearly understands.

Each day I am reminded, that He deeply loves and cares, For when I daily study, such, via His Word He shares. But also through lifes journey, so much evidence I see, That proves these things He shares, can be taken seriously.

Oh yes, what a fool Id be, not to follow faithfully, This great God, wholl let me spend, life with Him, eternally. How could I let tribulation, or even threat of death, stop me, Remaining faithful to the One, who is always, there for me.

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