Lance LandallWhite Lies And Pranks
Poetry by Lance Landall
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White Lies And Pranks
Poetry by Lance Landall

“Say, how did you get that dent?”  “Dent? What dent?”  “That one on your car door.” “Seriously?”  “Yes, take a look.”  “Oh, dear, it wasn’t there before.”
“Hey, there’s no dent there at all.”  “Isn’t there? I must be kidding then.”
“I might have guessed! You had me quite worried. Please don’t do that again.”

Oh dear...

Yes, the practical joker — it’s just harmless fun, or so they think,
Hence why they string you along, laugh it off, and then give you that wink.
But the truth is though, that it isn’t fun — in fact, it’s rather cruel,
And it can leave folk feeling annoyed, perhaps feeling like a fool.

And what is more, they actually just lied — a little white lie,
Or at least that is what they label such — I really don’t know why,
For after all, a lie is a lie, no matter how big or small,
Thus, as far as one being a white lie goes — that, no lie we can call.

It’s funny how we twist things in order to make them seem okay,
And sadly, it's something that we often do, though not a rightful way.
No, for such is simply acting falsely, and only trouble brings,
Yet, foolishly and wrongly, we still do and say such unwise things.

Yes, it’s not always what we say, for it is also what we do;
All those pranks that we play on people, those things that we put them through.
Sure we find it really funny when they are fooled by what we do,
But it’s seldom quite so funny when those same pranks come our way too.

“Look out!  Mind that car!” they joke, thus giving their friend a nasty fright,
Who, at the sound of their shout, quickly reacts, and maybe takes flight.
Could their friend in their fear and haste trip and fall, badly hurt their head,
Leaving the jokester horrified, should their friend be lying there dead?

Well, that’s what can actually happen, when with others we play,
Via those foolish and wrongful things that we should never do or say.
But we need to remember as well, that a lie is still a lie,
No matter how big or small — and as for white, such I wouldn’t buy.

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