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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Poetry by Lance Landall
Poem A

Who put the stripes on zebras, who gave the peacock its tail,
Who gave the cat its whiskers, and made the spouting whale?
Who made the emperor penguin, gave elephants their big ears,
Who made the burrowing mole, and adorable polar bears?

Who gave armadillos armour, chameleons a long tongue,
Who gave the birds their chorus that each dawn is loudly sung?
Who put the humps on camels, who gave the turtle its shell,
Who gave the reindeer antlers, and the skunk....oh dear....that smell?

Who put the spots on leopards, gave the platypus its bill,
Who gave the walrus tusks, and the spider its weaving skill?
Who made the praying mantis, and the tiny ladybird bug,
Who made the giant panda, (that many would love to hug)?

Who made the tree hanging sloth, created the pesky gnat,
Who gave the rhino its horn, and attached wings to the bat?
Who made the swinging gibbon, the baboon and gorilla,
Who made the prickly hedgehog, and elassssstic caterpillar?

Who made the electric eel, created slugs and snails,
Who gave giraffes a long neck, and animals various tails?
Who made the flashing firefly, glow-worms that glow in the dark, 
Who made the clever beaver, and the odd hammerhead shark?

Who gave the cheetah its speed, who made the rabbit and hare,
Who made komodo dragons, (a lizard extraordinaire)?
Who made the lion that roars, and gave coyotes their howl,
Who gave the rooster its crow, kittens their plaintive…meooooow?

Well, I know who’s responsible, One who love and beauty shares,
Our Creator, whose ability everywhere on earth appears.
But I hardly need to say this, for surely everyone can tell,
Only God who reigns in Heaven has the power and the skill.

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