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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Poetry by Lance Landall
Poem B

Who made this earth we live on, who filled it full of creatures,
Who made male and female, and gave them unique features?
Who gave them eyes to see with, their ears so sounds they’d hear,
Who gave them toes and fingers, and covered their heads in hair?
Who filled this earth with plant life, and carpeted it with grass,
Who shaped the hills and mountains, saw that seasons came to pass?
Who made the lakes and waterfalls, the forests, brooks and beaches,
And who, via things in nature, lessons and wisdom teaches?

Who put the warmth in sunshine, who made the rivers and sea,
Who made the stars that twinkle, the gigantic redwood tree?
Who sends the coloured rainbow, and the gentle cooling breeze,
Who gave the sky its colour, put pollen in flowers for bees?

Who makes the moon shine nightly, who keeps this planet turning, 
Who sends those perfect sunsets, who for our love is yearning?
Who has the spring buds bursting with blossoms that our hearts cheer,
And who sends us reminders of His constant love and care?

Who gave us a guide book, one that's designed to spare us pain,
One that shows eternal life His true followers can claim?
Who tells us via this Bible of a love beyond compare,
That right now, and forever, we can experience and share?

Who shows repentant sinners mercy, and covers them with grace,
Who such ones has promised that in Heaven they’ll have a place?
Who so loved humanity that a dreadful price dared pay 
In order that those repentant could forever with Him stay?

So who is this being then, that such wondrous things hath done,
For this amazing being my dear heart has already won?
A Saviour and Creator, Jesus Christ our Lord and King,
That’s who; One whose praises all on earth should loudly sing.

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