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Cattle Exploitation

Wishful Thinking

When we think of cattle, or cows, or calves, we picture a calf like Norman, above...

...or Hugo eating some hay...

...or Opie relaxing in a snow-covered pasture...

...or these cattle enjoying the pastureland at Farm Sanctuary


(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 03)  This is another photo of the slaughter victims.  People here in the United States may think that slaughtering 16,000 head of cattle in a single say is worse than anything they could imagine, but they'd be wrong, because in the United States about this many cattle are slaughtered every day in just 4 hours to the gods of lust and greed.  Go Vegan and end the killing! See the movie 4000 Cows Are Slaughtered Per Hour.

Photo from:  Bibi Funyal

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