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Cattle Exploitation

Wishful Thinking

When we think of cattle, or cows, or calves, we picture a calf like Norman, above...

...or Hugo eating some hay...

...or Opie relaxing in a snow-covered pasture...

...or these cattle enjoying the pastureland at Farm Sanctuary


(Cattle - Festival and Sacrificial Slaughter - 04) Butchers preparing to kill the cattle. The killings were promoted and presented as a spectacle - many butchers and onlookers were actually laughing during it all. One butcher, Ramlal Mahato, is quoted as saying: 'The more animals I kill, the more satisfied I feel. I am helping an ancient tradition to survive.'  The only tradition here is a satanic one, and the proof is in the fact that the people laughed and enjoyed the killing and bloodshed.  It has been said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, people would stop eating flesh, but they're wrong, for when it is open for viewing, people laugh at the suffering because their hearts are seared.

Photo from: Bibi Funyal

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