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Coffey Grounds Pictorial
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Arial View

Welcome to the Coffey Grounds

A place where the serenity of Nature...

Reflects peace and tranquility

And invites rest and relaxation

Jackson, swinging out over the water

Towering cliffs up to 80' high

Inviting picnic area overlooks the lake

 Sunbathers & Scuba Divers bridge their way to the raft

Tune Farm CSA Volunteers take off for the afternoon to enjoy Mom & Dad's visit from Pennsylvania

Nothing like a refreshing dip in the summer sun...

A well-earned afternoon break with co-workers and visiting parents from Pennsylvania...

C'mon in Mom, the water's fine....

And Dad, still sitting on the shore...

Snorkeling reveals the treasures under the surface...

Time to head back to the Tune farm...

September Morn....

Scuba Diver Trainees get their gear together for a first dive...

Divers strap their tanks on before entering the water...

Lush summer greenery dots the surrounding landscape

Finally: Jumping off into the deep....

Quick shower after unloading tank...

Hikers take advantage of a crisp, clear December day to walk the trails at the Coffey Grounds

Lyrics to a John Denver song come to mind:"Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy..."

Lots of vantage points to take a break and enjoy the view...

Late afternoon sun silhouettes the winter landscape...

A pint-sized hiker takes advantage of the last lingering light to scale the cliffs...

Saying goodbye with the setting sun...

Winter 1

Winter 2

Winter 3

Winter 4

Winter 5

Winter 6

Winter 7

Winter 8
Breathtaking cliffs border 3 sides of the 7 acre clear lake

 Poplar - 01

Poplar - 02

Flower - 01

Rocks - 01

Rocks - 02

Stump - 01

Southern edge of the lake

Clear, pristine waters

Reflected Glory

Looking North over the lake

Turquoise skies reflected

Western view of cliff “sentinels”

Northeast Corner of Lake

Overhead view from NW Cliff

Eagle's Platform

Rock Walls

“Stars fall on Alabama”;-)

Gemstone-colored rocks

NE border of cliffs

Closer view of NE border

Lake view of Southern edge

Eastern border of lake

Cool, Serene and Tranquil

  (Katrina Fundraiser - 01)

  (Katrina Fundraiser - 02)

  (Katrina Fundraiser - 03)

  (Katrina Fundraiser - 04)

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  (Katrina Fundraiser - 06)

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  (2007 Fun - 01)

  (2007 Fun - 02)

  (2007 Fun - 03)

  (2007 Fun - 04)

  (2007 Fun - 05)

  (2007 Fun - 06)

  (2007 Fun - 07)


  (2007 Fun - 08)

  (2007 Fun - 09)

  (2007 Fun - 10)

  (2007 Fun - 11)

  (2007 Fun - 12)

  (2007 Fun - 13)

Earthday 2011 Camping/Canoe Trip
Coffey Ground Tom Sawyer paradise
Tom Sawyer paradise
Coffey Grounds evening events
Coffey Grounds Evening Events
Coffey Grounds catered events
Coffey Grounds Catered Events
Coffee Grounds
Coffey Grounds Lower Pavilion at Lake Side
Coffee Grounds
Upper Pavilion overlooking lake
Coffey Grounds
Hammock Heaven... Ray's favorite place to relax...
Coffey Grounds
"Uncle Sam" entertaining on the 4th of July...
Coffey Grounds
Girl Swinging over water...
Coffey Grounds
Paddle boarding

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