By Patrick N. Kramer
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By Patrick N. Kramer
Written 11-28-06

While shepherds watched their flocks that night!
Over Bethlehem a star was shown so bright.
A beautiful star lighting the wondrous birth of a king!
A king born in a manger where wise men their gifts did bring.
It was a silent night with a, stillness so sound and deep.
A night of nights that in your heart you aught to keep.
That glorious night when Harold angels did sing!
When Christ was born under the star and the light it did bring.
A glorious night when angels were heard to sing on high!
And the stars up in the sky in progression slowly passed him by.
They passed him slowly by that wonderful night.
For even they the stars desired to see this wondrous sight.
Thus it was, as the first Noel was sung for all to hear.
Telling of Christís birth, and beckoning all to come near.
For they who could not come over the mountains the story was told.
The saviorsí birth, and of the wise men bringing him, incense, silver and gold!
They spoke of angelic songs saying do you hear what I hear.
The shepherds spoke of their fear of when the angel drew near.
Rejoice he called out for in Bethlehem Christ is born this day.
Let there be peace on earth and good will to man the angel did say.
Thus it was upon this night of nights when Christ was born.
That glorious night, as angels sang proclaiming Christmas morn.
A night when oneís heart should rejoice with the news the angel did bring.
A night in which we should be thankful for and we too should sing.
Oh what a night it was when Christ was born.
A night that was a gift of a love un-forlorn!


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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