Prayers of Compassion


Many of us become discouraged and even depressed when we view all the cruelty that exists in the world.  At such times, we may even feel that we're all alone, or we may become frustrated because we don't know what to do.  This page, and the prayers that are listed below, are being presented to remind us that we're not alone, and that there is always hope.

Our sensitivity, our love, and our compassion are all precious gifts from God that desperately need to be shared with others.

This page was first published 12 May 1998 and updated 09 Jun 2013

Table of Contents

A Christmas Prayer For Animals By Jenny Moxham
A Christian Prayer for Animal Welfare by Judy Carman
A Holiday Prayer
Alpha and Omega by May Tripp, a founder of Animal Christian Concern
A Morning Prayer when Mourning by Carol J. Adams
An Invocation by The Rev. Henry Primat, D.D. - Anglican Priest - 1772
A Prayer and Benediction of Life and Love By Michael Klaper, MD
A Prayer For Animals by Albert Schweitzer
A Prayer for Animals in Laboratories By Frank L. Hoffman
A Prayer For the Animals by Ruth Ellen Bates
A Rite of Commitment by Deborah Jones
A Thanksgiving Prayer
Easter / Resurrection Day Prayer
Enlarge Within us a Sense of Fellowship by St. Basil - 375 AD
Father, We Thank Thee
Invocation for the Memorial Service for Animals By Lois Phemister
Let me Make a Difference by Jenny Moxham
May the People of the World See the Truth By Ellie Law
My ThanksVegan Prayer By Claudia Emerson
Now I Lay me Down to Sleep By Tammy C. Smith
Prayer Of A Stray - Anonymous
Prayer For All Creatures By Noelene Sanderson
Prayer for the Creatures By Noelene Sanderson
Prayer For The Earth by Robyn L. Stacey
Prayer for Liberation of Brother and Sister Animals From South African Animal Rights Activists Community
Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
Prayers Of Intercession For Use At A Pet Blessing Service by Rev. James Thompson
The Lord's Brayer by Brian Narelle
The Universal Prayer Circle for Animals