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From Mike - 4 Jun 2003
This is a follow-up to Mike's previous letter of 3 Jun 2003

I am just trying to point out that the chances of convincing the majority of the people to refrain from using animal products is zero - there is a much higher chance of getting some kind of cruelty laws enforced, so why not think along those lines and concentrate whatever power you are able to acquire?

This issue needs leadership, and it needs leaders who have some kind of ideas as to what will help the situation and some ideas of how to implement those ideas.

Trying to convince everyone to do the right thing as individuals has probably not yet saved any animal from any amount of suffering.

I have spoken to a bison farmer, and he told me that on their farm, the bison roam free until they are selected for slaughter, at which time they are killed with a single rifle shot from over a hundred meters away.  He told me that the bison never suffer from farming methods at all, in their entire life. To me, this sounds like an alternative to beef, for people who do not want to give up meat.  It also sounds like an alternative that lawmakers can push when they, IF they ever decide to move against factory farming.  It makes good sense to me, and perhaps it will make sense to other voters.  It won't work to just ask voters to ban factory farms, the farm lobbyists will demand an example of an alternative.  If there are alternatives suggested - bison farming, or just accepting the fact of meat costing more to produce in order to farm the animals humanely, there would be some chance of appealing to men's minds and consciences.  

I know I personally am not affluent, but I would be willing to pay twice the cost for meat that I now charged, if it would assure that there were no animals being bred in factories. I just wanted to offer some suggestions for people to think about.

Mike D.

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Mike:

Thanks for the reply and explanation.

Actually, we are working both sides of the street, so to speak.

For every person who becomes vegan, an annual average of 78 animal don't suffer and die. So, the more people who become vegan, the less demand, and the fewer animals that suffer.

In Florida, there was a successful campaign to eliminate the factory farming practice of crating pigs.

Whatever we do does help, and whatever we do is better than doing nothing.

Your Buffalo example might be somewhat better than the standard practice for beef, but it would never meet the present demand. That's why it's better to work on eliminating the demand.

In the Love of the Lord,


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