A Truth Whose Time has Come
By Butterflies Katz
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A Truth Whose Time has Come
 By Butterflies Katz

There is a healer for our wounded Earth;
A panacea of countless worth
It's a nurturer of a freer mind
And an answer for what ails humankind.

It helps the human spirit to soar
by enabling us 'to Love' much more,
Bringing new hope for ALL; not just some:
Veganism; A Truth whose time has come.

It is a benefactor of untold wealth--
Improving and promoting human health.
We have no requirement for eating meat.
A plant-based diet is nutritionally complete.

The Mad Cow Disease threat would cease.
Drinking milk meant for calves makes us obese.
Permanent weight control is assisted
when animal products are resisted.

Our precious grain stores could then be fed
to starving human beings, instead
Rather than funneled through creatures that we breed
Disrespecting our own environmental need...

We cut hillsides of trees for cattle to graze,
While Factory Farms pollute our waterways.
The needless suffering of cows should end!
A sheep is not 'food', but a 'friend'!

Eating vegan tempers man's violent side;
It's the antidote to war and crime worldwide.
The Vegan Ideal's vastly unrecognized worth
is a way to more gently walk this Earth.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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