Pasta Primavera with Fettuccine, Asparagus, Cabbage, Carrots, Green Beans, Olives, Onions, Tofu, and Zucchini with Lemon Sauce

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Pasta Primavera with Fettuccine, Asparagus, Cabbage, Carrots, Green Beans, Olives, Onions, Tofu, and Zucchini with Lemon Sauce


1 lb. Asparagus
2 lbs. Cabbage
1 lb. Carrots
1 lb. Green Beans, fresh or frozen
1 lb. Onions
1 lb. Zucchini
1 lb. Tofu, firm
1 lb. Fettuccine, whole wheat
1 - 6 oz. can Olives, ripe
3/4 - 1 cup Lemon Juice
2-3 tbsp. Oregano, dried
1 tbsp. Corn Starch
Cayenne Pepper or Hot Sauce, to taste
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For ease in cooking the veggies and blending all the ingredients together, we prepared this primavera recipe in our wok, but the veggies can be cooked separately in the microwave oven, if you don't have a wok, and then mixed together with the other ingredients in a large pot or bowl.

At the same time we begin to prepare the veggies we put to water in the pasta pot on the stove top and turn on the heat to high.

Wash and peel the onions and carrots. Dice the onions, and slice the carrots, and place both in the wok.

Wash and clean the asparagus, greens beans (if fresh), and zucchini, cut into bite sides pieces, and add to the wok.  If the cut green beans are frozen, as them, too.

When the pasta water is boiling, add the fettuccine (we usually break the fettuccine in half or quarters for this recipe), mix, and cook until tender, being careful not to over cook.

Add 3/4 of the lemon juice, the cayenne or hot sauce, and the oregano, and stir-fry at 375 degrees F. until the veggies become tender. 

Drain the olives and slice if they are whole.

Drain the tofu and cut into bite sized pieces.

Add the sliced olives and tofu pieces and the cooked fettuccine to the wok, reduce the heat to simmer, and blend together gently.

If there is still liquid in the bottom of the wok, we suggest adding some cornstarch to the remaining lemon juice and mixing the two together before adding to the wok (1 tbsp. of corn starch will thicken 1 cup of liquid). Gently blend in the lemon juice and cornstarch mixture until the liquid at the bottom of the wok is thickened or disappears. This should take less than a minute.

Serve with a large tossed salad and enjoy! Leftovers can be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator for a few days. 

Also try the leftover as a pasta salad.

Ingredients Information


Beans, Green

Cabbage, Green


Corn Starch

Lemon Juice, Reconstituted

Olives, Ripe, Sliced

Onions, Yellow

Oregano, Dried

Pasta, Fettuccine, Whole Wheat

Pepper - Hot Red, ground (Cayenne)

Pepper Sauce - Hot Red

Squash, Zucchini

Tofu, block

Utensils and Equipment Information


Measuring Cup, Liquid

Measuring Spoons

Pasta Pot

Peeler, Vegetable

Spoon, Large Mixing

Wok, Stainless Steel