Isaiah 10:1 Bible Commentary

Isaiah 10:1. Woe to those who enact evil statutes,
And to those who constantly record unjust decisions,

Isaiah 10:1 Bible Commentary
Isaiah 10:1 Bible Commentary

Isaiah 10:1-4 is the end of a prophecy that began in chapter 8, which was a warning against injustice, oppression, and other ungodly ways of living, and these kinds of behavior are continuing to this very day, in our houses of worship, in our country, and around the world.

Think of how big government is, today, and about how many of our laws are selective in the ways they are enacted and administered.

Think about how special interests, in essence, buy the votes of legislators.

Well, that’s the same way it was in Isaiah’s day, only it was done by the kings and by many of the Temple leaders.

As an example, we know that animals want to live as much as we do, and that they also feel pain and suffer just as we do, yet at the same time our political leaders have enacted laws that give the animal agriculture industries the right to do almost anything to so called “food animals” that is considered standard practice in the industry.

These are evil statutes, and for the most part, our legal system upholds these laws even when they know that they are unjust to the animals and to those who care about them.

And to make things even worse, they have passed some laws that punish those who expose the truth about the torturous treatment that the animals are exposed to every day.

These are some of the evil and unjust things that the prophet is speaking about, and all of these things are part of this corrupt and evil world, and very far from God’s heavenly will.

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