Job 12:10 Bible Commentary

Job 12:10 Bible Commentary
In whose hand is the life of every living thing,
And the breath of all mankind?

Job 12:10 Bible Commentary

Job 12:10 Bible Commentary

To us this means that our loving and caring God did make everything, including all the animals, and all of us; therefore, who are we to question God’s purposes?

When we tie this together with these 7-12 verses, it therefore stands to reason that human beings are also subject to the same spiritual laws that govern the animals, and the rest of creation.

Furthermore, in Job 12:10 we were charged with protecting the whole of creation. And with the exception of the true peacemaking children of God, we haven’t been doing what the Lord wanted us to do. This, we believe, brings these non-followed laws back upon our own heads. We believe that this is all part of the creative power of God to wake people up in the future to the errors of their ways, and bring them to repentance. Hopefully, this will help us become the peacemaking children of God that we were created to be.

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