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Violence in the Name of Religion

Violence in the Name of Religion Maynard S. Clark wrote a very interesting observation about a major problem within Christianity: “We’ve all been treated to public discussions of Violence in the name of religion, and we also know how many “gun toting pastors” are eager to teach their congregants that the “manly” art of self-protection […]

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Pro-Life We hear a lot of Christians claiming to be pro-life, but when we look at most of them closer, and at their lifestyles, we find that they really aren’t pro-life, for they support the killing of other living beings; all they seem to be is against human abortions. Many of them support war, or […]

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Early Christian Peacemaker – Irenaeus

Early Christian Peacemaker – Irenaeus When we look at Christianity today, we see that it’s filled with violence: our warring madness that pits one nation against another, and our exploitation of animals. Together they kill millions of humans and more than 100 billion land and sea animals every year. This was not the case before […]

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