Job 12:7 Bible Commentary

Job 12:7 Bible Commentary
“But now ask the beasts [animals], and let them teach you;
And the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you.

Job 12:7 Bible Commentary
Job 12:7 Bible Commentary

This Job:7 verse and the following verses in this chapter are part of Job’s response to Zophar.

If Job knew these truths some 4,000 years ago, and his message to us could be plainly seen in the pages of the Bible ever since it was put together, then why do most people ignore the animals’ role in God’s creation today? Because killing and eating animals is proof that people don’t understand that we can still ask the animals and learn from them.

If we truly love God with every aspect of our being, then it only stands to reason that we will also love the whole of His creation. And if we do, we should have compassion and empathy for the whole of creation.

We can’t do this unless we sincerely ask animals and expect an answer. But we can’t stop here; we need to feel and hear the whole of God’s creation, because it’s our empathy that allows us to hear through our feelings.

I remember seeing an undercover video of a man kicking a dairy cow in the face, simply because she was too slow in responding to what he wanted her to do. She recoiled from the kick, because it obviously hurt, but she showed no signs of anger or retaliation; all she did was look at him with an expression that seemed to ask: “Why are you doing this?” His only response was to kick her in the face again. But all she did was look at him again with the expression that asked: “Why do you keep doing this?”

Do we have empathy?

Surely, we can easily understand that the animals are not being delivered from the snares of the trappers or from the deadly pestilence of factory farms, slaughterhouses, and laboratories, where over 50 billion animals suffer and die every year. We need to put ourselves in the animals’ position. This is what our empathy does. And, ask the animals how they feel about being put in this situation by human beings.

There should be no doubt in our minds that the animals desperately want to be freed from this corruption, just as God commanded us to do when He created us and the animals as living souls.

God wants to protect us and the animals just as a hen protects her babies, and He has given us the task of protecting the animals.

If we ask the animals and truly listen, we will stop corrupting creation and live peacefully eating only plant foods as God originally intended and as it is in His heavenly will.

It’s time we speak out about these and other evils in our world. It’s time we answer the call of God to us to end our silence. We need to speak out the truths that will end the evil and violence in this world. We believe this is the main intent of Job 12:7.

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