Job 12:8 Bible Commentary

Job 12:8 Bible Commentary
“Or speak to the earth, and let it teach you;
And let the fish of the sea declare to you.

Job 12:8 Bible Commentary
Job 12:8 Bible Commentary

Job 12:8 is about speaking to the earth and sea and fish in silence through our empathy and our love for God, and this same empathy will let us both feel and hear the answer, and then hopefully we will speak out in word and voice, and do something to end the corruption and suffering of creation.

Surely, we can easily understand that the earth and the sea are not being delivered from the deadly pestilence of pollution, which is causing our global temperatures to rise. We need to put ourselves in the earth’s position, which is what our empathy does, and ask the ask the earth and the sea how they feel about being put in this situation by human beings.

Is not the decline in sea life teaching us something? Are not the extremes in our weather couples with our global warming teaching us something? Then we need to do something to end it.

Our silence can never solve these problems, and our silence says that we haven’t really learned anything and speaks volumes about the fact that those who keep silent don’t really care or are indifferent to what is happening, which is just as bad.

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