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Challenging Church Compassion – 01: It’s Limited

Challenging Church Compassion – 01: It’s Limited In this series, we are challenging church compassion, because for the most part it doesn’t go far enough. It’s limited! An example of the churches limiting their compassion is when it comes to animal issues and the people who care about them. Almost every day we receive letters […]

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Lamb of God

Living in the Will of God – 01 Introduction

Living in the Will of God – 01 Introduction This Bible study series will look at the way people live in the world, today, as compared to the way God wants us to live. We will also discuss the fact that there appears to be something terribly wrong in most churches, today, for they seem […]

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Lamb of God

Animal Farmers’ Hardness of Heart

Animal Farmers’ Hardness of Heart In order to raise animals for food, or slaughter them, and/or eat their flesh and by-products, we have to harden our hearts to the point that we no longer have empathy for the feelings of the animals or are indifferent to the animals’ pain and suffering. This was recently brought […]

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Lamb of God

Guns and Violent Deaths

Guns and Violent Deaths Stephen Augustine sent us some very interesting information from Lorraine Devon Wilke’s article (20 Jan 2013) about gun deaths. In the past 43 years (1968-2011) there have been 1,384,171 gun deaths in the United States. This is 18% higher than all the war deaths in U. S. history, which stands at […]

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Who Is More Worthy?

Who Is More Worthy? Karolin wrote us a letter about her ministry, which is usually centered on enlightening people about the plight of animals, but like so many people that we know in the animal rights movement, she has a soft heart that extends to the whole of God’s creation. “I work here at the […]

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In the Image of God

In the Image of God Are we living as though we were created in the image of God, and are we seen by others as being the image of God among them? We sure hope so, because this is the way that all other human beings and all the animals should see us. Listen to […]

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No Golden Rule

No Golden Rule Two days ago we talked about the golden rule, and how God wants us to live, but unfortunately there is no golden rule being applied in most cases. A case in point… A few days ago Doris wrote to us and briefly expressed her innermost troubled feelings. She said in part: “I […]

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