Living in the Will of God – 01 Introduction

Lamb of God
Lamb of God

Living in the Will of God – 01 Introduction

This Bible study series will look at the way people live in the world, today, as compared to the way God wants us to live.

We will also discuss the fact that there appears to be something terribly wrong in most churches, today, for they seem to promote living in the reluctant concessions that God has allowed, rather than in the heavenly will of God.

By concessions, we mean that God has allowed sinful human beings to live in the corruption and sinful ways of their own making so that they might learn from their mistakes, while God continually tries to bring humanity back into His will.

For the most part, churches are promoting ways of living in this corrupted world, rather than encouraging their congregations to seek a higher plane in everything that they do. They may do this for some things, but not everything.

They also try to justify the pain, suffering, and death of this world, none of which exists in heaven, particularly when it comes to animal issues. They may even recite the Lord’s Prayer and pray for, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10) However, by their actions, most of them are saying that they don’t want it to happen.

People are writing to us almost every day and telling us about how badly they have been made to feel in their church because of their compassion for animals.

They thank us for the Christian stance we have taken to show that God loves the whole world, and not just select human beings, and that both humans and other animals have the right to enjoy the whole of creation free from suffering and abuse.

They tell us about how much they mourn the loss of a companion animal, and how badly they were made to feel by their pastor and church members when they sought their comfort.

All of these things are examples of the hardness of heart that exists in most of the churches, and in the hearts of most of their members. This kind of behavior is totally counter to the loving, compassionate, and peacemaking teachings of Jesus.

Note what He teaches us in Matthew 5:9…

9. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons [children] of God.

We are all to live in the will of God and be these peacemaking children of God. We need to love each other and make peace with each other no matter who they are, or what they believe, or to what species they belong.

We are to love as God loves us.

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