What Can We Do About GMOs?

What Can We Do About GMOs?

What Can We Do About GMOs?
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By Ligia Monzoni

Buy organic, buy local produce, read the label, make sure it is a NON GMO (genetically modified organism) product.

Make it a priority to educate people you know so every one of them can have an intelligent conversation about the issue. People are looking for answers, and the co-op is a place where they feel they can talk to someone who can separate the wheat from the chaff. Then take a stand.

Fortunately, there is a movement going on in communities in the U.S. to establish a zero, or very low, tolerance level for GMOs in organic food. This position is essential because labeling is not the answer. When asked about GMOs, Neil E. Harl, a professor of agriculture and economics at Iowa State University, put it this way: “The genie is already out of the bottle. If the policy tomorrow were that we were going to eradicate GMOs, this would be a very long process. It would take years if not decades to do that.” Some other notable scientists believe even that estimate may be overly optimistic.

We don’t even need GMOs to produce more food. There is already 2-4 times enough food on the planet to feed everyone. And if people want to grow food in their own area, then there are natural methods that will give them the abundance we seek, at the same time they IMPROVE our health. But multinational chemical companies with billions of dollars to lose don’t want us to know this.

Go on to: Working to Ban GM Crops

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