Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – S: Champlain Beef Inc. – 20120518

Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – S: Champlain Beef Inc. – 20120518

Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – S: Champlain Beef Inc.
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This is another case of how ineffective government regulations are at Champlain Beef Inc. and other slaughterhouses when it comes to the welfare of animals. It just seems to be all about the money, and that there can never be any truly humane slaughter. All the animals die in fear and pain.

Friends Of Animals United (FAUN) obtained a USDA report of an FSIS inspection conducted on 18 May 2012 at the Champlain Beef Inc. slaughterhouse, 9679 State Rt. 4, Whitehall, NY 12887, which cited Champlain Beef Inc. for failure to properly stun a Jersey dairy cow.

Citation: HAT Category VIII (Stunning Effectiveness) At approximately 1325 hours while performing a check for stunning effectiveness, I observed the following. A Jersey cow was standing in a turned around direction in the knock box (facing the pens). After waiting for the cow’s head to be in a position to place the captive bolt, plant employee, Mr.____, discharged the hand-held captive bolt on the forehead of the cow. The cow dropped to the floor and the plant employee checked the cow’s eyes for a blink reflex. Mr.___ then proceeded to shackle and hoist the cow. He made a cut to the throat to bleed the cow and then exited to the pen area to bring another cow into the knock box. I observed the cow blinking her eyes and her mouth opening and closing. I informed the floor manager, Mr.____ of the observation and immediate corrective action was taken with a second application of the captive bolt rendering the cow unconscious. Immediate regulatory control action was taken and the knock box was rejected (U.S. Reject/Retain Tag No. B39711878) per 9 CFR 313.50 (c) and 9CFR 500.2 (a) (4) until the establishment proffered immediate corrective actions and preventative measures. The knocking area was subsequently released after Mr.___ HACCP Manager, proffered immediate corrective actions and preventative measures to ensure compliance with 9 CFR 313.15. Mr. was advised of the aforementioned noncompliance, as well as the establishment’s failure to comply with the regulatory requirements prescribed in 9 CFR 313.15. This document serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in additional regulatory of administrative action.


Champlain Beef Inc. offered the same kind of assurance the previous month to the FSIS inspector; so if the corrective action was acceptable then, we have to ask, “Why was it not effective now, and the cow wasn’t properly stunned?”

To us, this is just further proof that there can never be any real humane slaughter. The whole concept is just a farce. The only sure way to protect the animals is not to eat them and to Go Vegan!

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