Where Can We Find GMOs?

Where Can We Find GMOs?

By Ligia Monzoni

Where Can We Find GMOs?
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All kinds of fruits and vegetables, corn products, soy products, highly processed derivatives containing little or no DNA, like corn starch, syrups, sugar, foods made from animals fed with GMOs (genetically modified organisms), foods made from GMO animals, etc.

If you venture beyond the world of semi-protected conscious consumption here in the U.S. and consume cheese, dairy products, cereal, junk food snacks, or soft drinks, then you’ve most likely eaten foods from genetically modified crops. These crops currently on the market have been engineered for herbicide, insect, or virus resistance: beets, canola, cantaloupe, cotton, flax, papaya, potato, radicchio, rice, squash, tomato, watermelon, and zucchini. (Cottonseed oil is a common ingredient in potato chips, etc., and a lot of people eat flax seed crackers and waffles or take flax seed oil for the omega-3.) It’s not surprising that North America produces about 75% of the world’s genetically engineered crops (GMOs).

If you eat bacon or pork chops, here’s a tidbit for you: 80% of the grain fed to mass produced meat hogs is genetically modified. Similarly made GMO feed is also fed to all other factory farmed animals, and the animals are not allowed to live long enough for us to know if the GMO feed is having any ill effects on them.

In our opinion, our best option is to be vegan and buy as much organically or veganically grown plant foods as possible.

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