Challenging Church Compassion – 18: Michelle’s View

Challenging Church Compassion – 18: Michelle’s View

Lamb of God
Lamb of God

Our challenging church compassion is to present the true intent of our Father in heaven to live as loving, compassionate, and peacemaking children of God as a witness against the hardness of heart and the very limited compassion that sensitive people see in most churches.

We received the following letter from Michelle concerning her perception of Christian cruelty coming from the churches and the difference she sees in the true children of God.


I saw your web site, and I would just like to thank you for changing my view.

I used to think ALL Christians were ignorant killers who held animal life to no more of a non-living object rather than the feeling, breathing, heart beating creatures they actually are. I myself do not have a particular religion, but my disgust for the way Christians treated animals was immense.

It seemed only Christians looked at animals as inferior. They thought they had the right to kill animals because they believed animals were put here by God to be exploited and used by them. I know there are non-Christians who think this way too, but the majority of animal abusers and murderers are indeed of the Christian faith. Their treatment of animals made me bitter toward the whole human race. To treat our fellow mammals in such cruel and barbaric ways is absolutely unacceptable. It’s too bad these people don’t stop for a minute to think: What if they were that animal?

I am a vegetarian. I’m very against all forms of animal testing, and everything else that has to do with animals being treated as inferior. I respect all religions, but I hated Christians because of their view of animal life as not being equal, or sacred in any way. Because of your website, I now see that not all Christians are ignorant, and there are some who aren’t thick-headed Neanderthals who carelessly throw animal life away.

Thank-you for letting me see this. For it is a fact, not just an opinion, that torture and any kind of intentional cruelty to all species is evil.

Thanks for reading. :)”

Michelle is actually challenging church compassion, or the lack of it, toward animals and the people who care about them. This cruel attitude of Christians and churches must end for it is neither Biblical nor Godly.

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