Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – Brainwashing: Example 02

Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – Brainwashing: Example 02

Lamb of God

K sent us another example of the results of how this societal brainwashing about eating animals has led to suffering and death. She wrote:

“Working with so many patients, I always ask what they are doing for a living. I am surprised to see so many of them (very sick patients) being farmers (dairy and also beef, etc.). Sometimes I wonder if their sickness is some sort of revenge. Even if it is, it does not even occur to them that their suffering could have been brought on by their callused lifestyles.”

We strongly believe that the animal agriculture industry and societal pressures begin the brainwashing process of our fellow human beings from very early childhood, and it continues all their adult lives. K continued:

“I had a man who had 3 strokes but still was able to function “somewhat”. His wife came to pick him up and said that he can’t wait to come home and that he already told her what he wanted to eat. Then she proceeded to say that they had just slaughtered a pig and that she has a big ham in the fridge. I asked about it and she explained that they have just a few cows and pigs and that once in a while they slaughter one.”

“The man sits in a wheelchair unable to do anything for himself, yet he has no compassion for those animals. Maybe, if he would repent (like you say) his life could be better just like the man (I can’t remember his name) in the Bible, the one that was very bad and cruel who became blind. God healed him and then he preached all over the word of God. (I am sure you know who I am talking about).  Couldn’t that also happen today if we were truly to change?”

We believe this does happen, for we know that within three weeks of us stopping our eating of animal products, many years ago, that our health and wellbeing improved dramatically.

Say no to brainwashing. Say no to institutionalized animal cruelty. Go Vegan! Be an example to others.


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