Killing from Ambush

Killing from Ambush

In recent days we have been following the horrible killings in Webster, New York, where a man killed his sister, and set fire to his house with her body in it, the day before Christmas.

In the note that he left, he said he wanted to see how much of the neighborhood he could burn down, and then he would do what he loved best: kill people. So, while the fire raged, he hid in ambush with his hunting rifle, and shot the first four volunteer firemen who arrived on the scene, killing two of them, and critically wounding the other two. This stopped the firefighting efforts, and allowed the fire to spread to other dwellings.

These were evil and violent acts, but really not much different than what most “sport” hunters do every year. They shoot deer and other large animals from blinds and tree stands, or they shoot ducks and geese from blinds and camouflaged boats. This man was hunting for firemen, in the same manner that “sport” hunters use to kill animals; they kill from ambush.

All of these acts are evil and against God’s creation intent and heavenly will.

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