Psychological Sadism

Psychological Sadism

Even though Psychological sadism is a more subtle form or sadism than physical sadism, it is still a very real form of sadism that needs to be stopped.

Psychological Sadism

Lamb of God

We received the following email from Ligia in reference to our blog, Sadism Encountered by K:

“This describes very well the feelings I went through this week.

“One of my co-workers saw me writing my grocery list last week, then she asked me what I was making and I showed her my recipe and picture of buffalo tempeh dish (that by the way, it was delicious).

“She said that it looked fantastic, so I decided to bring her some the next day. When I gave her the container, she said “she was sick” so she could not eat it. Then she put it away.

“Few days later, I overheard her when she was with others laughing and saying that she would not “eat that”. I felt pain in my heart, first because I felt insulted and then because of their hardened hearts and souls, because they closed their minds towards animals, and me, in this case.

“I have been repeating this in my mind every day at noon, and every time I go to the grocery store and I walk by the meat section, or when I see a big truck of dairy, or every time I think of any animal killed or imprisoned for human consumption, clothing, entertainment, testing, etc.


We responded:

Thank you very much for your comments, because they do help us better express the seemingly endless acts of psychological sadism we encounter almost daily, along with the indifference and hardness of heart that results in the physical sadism committed upon billions of animals every year.

We refer to these as acts of sadism, because the people who commit these acts, either directly or indirectly, derive pleasure through their insults projected toward us, and the pleasure they derive from eating and wearing animals.

To derive pleasure from the suffering of another living being is a definition of sadism.

And, such acts are totally against the heavenly will of God.

We all need to expose the acts of psychological sadism to the world around us until public opinion forces them to end. We need love and compassion in this world and an end to sadism.

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