Living in the Will of God – 10 Cruelty to Animals

Living in the Will of God – 10 Cruelty to Animals

Lamb of God

Lamb of God

In part 09 of this blog series, we discussed the fact that Proverbs 12:10 showed us the difference between having lovingkindness and hardness of heart.

10. A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast,
But the compassion of the wicked is cruel.

The following shows a real life example of how the hardness of heart and wickedness of people causes cruelty to animals. The organization Friends of Animals United (FAUN) has been publishing slaughterhouse inspection reports on their web site that they received from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Two of these reports concern a citation for not providing water to animals in accordance with regulation: 9 CFR 313.2(e) Animals shall have access to water in all holding pens and, if held longer than 24 hours, access to feed. There shall be sufficient room in the holding pen for animals held overnight to lie down.

Depriving animals of water is as much of a torture to them as it would be to us humans. These two occurrences were at Joe Pagliuso & Bros., Inc., 6845 N. Slocum Rd, Ontario, NY 14519. Establishment No.: m4253

On 19 Oct 2010 the inspector cited them: HATS CATEGORY III At approximately 0710 while going out to the pens I observed the following non-compliance. There were 6 bovine in the alleyway of the pens without water. The alley way was being used as a holding pen since all other pens were full. The bovine arrived at the plant either early this morning, before 0700 hrs, or late last night, after 1800 hrs. The plant manager could not tell me with certainty when they had arrived. After informing a plant employee, he immediately gave the animals water. Federal Regulation 9 CFR 313.2(e).

Then again on 29 Nov 2010, they were cited for the same lack of compassion for the animals by the inspector: HAT Category III At approximately 1640 while performing odd hour inspection for the month of November I observed the following non-compliance. There were 4 lambs in the upper pens that had no water available in the pen. There was a bucket for water in the pens but it was completely empty. In the lower pens on the far north side there was approximately 10 lambs/goats in a pen that did not have any water available. After informing of the non-compliance he had a slaughter floor employee immediately give water to the animals. This document serves as notice of non-compliance within Federal Regulation 9 CFR 313.2(e). Past Similar NRs – Previous Ineffective Plant Actions: Failure to ensure that animals in the pen area have access to water. NR: 20-2010 dated 10/19/2010.

The repeated indifference to the suffering and cruelty to animals shows the hardness of heart of the slaughterhouse management and employees and the fact that there can never be humane slaughter, for these kinds of things happen throughout the industry. Furthermore, we have no idea how often this occurred between these inspections, but it’s a chilling thought. They are not living in the will of God.

These federal citations show that the compassion of the wicked is cruel. We are not to contribute to the pain, suffering, and corruption of this world. We are to help free creation from all forms of corruption. We are to be the peacemaking children of God that Jesus called us to be.

If we really want to end the suffering and exploitation of animals, we need to go vegan and stop eating animals and supporting these cruel industries with our money.

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