Challenging Church Compassion – 20: Kicked Out for Animal Beliefs

Challenging Church Compassion – 20: Kicked Out for Animal Beliefs

Lamb of God
Lamb of God

On 3 June 2013 Mark Anthony DiBello sent us the following comments about the indifference of churches to the suffering of animals and the people who care about them.

“In the beginning…

Do you know that in one version of Scripture, the Lord God created animals before He created women?  By simple primacy, this truth alone should express the love The Creator has for His blessed creation.

Do you know when you read the Bible; the Lord initially said: “I gave you all of the green plants to eat.”

Do you know most serial killers kill animals before they mass-kill?

Do you know angels appear as animals (the evil angel, Satan, appeared as a snake); and for that reason alone; a human may spiritually never know if they are attempting to kill an animal or an angel?

Do you know that eating meat or fish is no different than killing an animal, in fact, no different than killing a human (“Thou shalt not kill”).

Do you know that most times when Jesus departed people He told them to: “Preach the Gospel to all creation.”  Animals too, are creation; and the Lord always preaches love and life.

Do you know the Bible says man shouldn’t be ostracized from one another or church for their beliefs regarding eating (killing) animals. Truthfully, God knows nothing on Earth matters  more than everyone’s salvation.

Do you know I used to believe it was the vegetarians who shouldn’t kick-out the animal-killers or “weak-minded”; and yet, it is churches and religious organizations who are offended and treat the holiest of animal lovers as outcasts?  Have peace and know that we shouldn’t be hurt or offended if we are rejected; the weak mind is not ours, but those who are sinfully hard-headed and strong-willed; we are only weak if we reject them as they do us.

Do you know when God came to Earth as Jesus Christ; He was kicked-out of more churches than virtually anyone for being a revolutionary thinker and for simply loving life and perfectly preaching the truth?

Have peace animal lovers…the Creator loved and died for you and me.”

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