Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – Farms: Mailing Chicks – 20130529

Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – Farms: Mailing Chicks – 20130529

Male chicks sufficated in plastic bags and thrown in dumpster.

Male chicks sufficated in plastic bags and thrown in dumpster.

This morning when I went to the Post Office to buy some stamps, and as I was paying for them, I heard baby birds chirping. I asked the clerk if they were in here and she said, “Yes!” But I still couldn’t see them, and asked her “Where?” She responded, “They’re in the white box over there.” I said, “You mean they mailed them?” She responded “Yes!” in a matter of fact tone that seemed to imply that it happens every day. I said, “That’s horrible!” And she just turned around and walked away.

When we got back home after finishing our shopping and picked up our mail, there was a Catskill Animal Sanctuary newsletter with a cover article entitled “Chicks in the Mail?!” The article stated:

“It is standard practice for hatcheries to send day-old chicks through the mail to destinations all over the country. The hatcheries know that many chicks will die, so if you order 20 egg-laying hens on the internet, the hatchery will send extras. Also, since most orders placed at hatcheries are only for female chicks, the male chicks are disposed of by being crushed, gassed, suffocated, or ground up. Male chickens represent half of the chicks born at hatcheries. Therefore, each order of hens sent in the mail represents the death of the same number of roosters. If you are looking to have chickens as family pets, please adopt from a sanctuary.”

These are some of the reasons that we believe there can never be any truly humane farming of animals, and since these small shipments are usually being sent to backyard farmers, who tell us about their “humane eggs,” they are either fooling themselves or lying.

In our opinion, the money they paid for the chicks makes them co-conspirators with the hatcheries and the US Postal Service in the murdering of the male chicks and those female chicks who die in the shipments.

If people are really humane, they would become Vegan!

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