Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – S: Joe Pagliuso & Bros. – 20120216

Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – S: Joe Pagliuso & Bros. – 20120216

Lamb of God

Lamb of God

Since we’ve been monitoring and recording institutionalized animal cruelty reports, we have found that there are repeat instances for the same cited violation. Joe Pagliuso & Bros. is one of those firms that has repeated violations for animal cruelty.

On 16 February 2012, Joe Pagliuso & Bros., Inc., slaughterhouse in Ontario, New York was inspected by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), and cited for improperly stunning animals. The report stated:

Citation: HATS Category VIII At approximately 1140 while verifying the humane handling stunning effectiveness regulation I observed the following non-compliance. While inspecting a bovine skull I found two bullet holes in the head from the plants stunning procedure. One was the size of a .22 caliber and the other was the size from a 410 shell. At that time I reviewed the plants insensibility records and found that it had not been recorded as failing the first insensibility check. I asked the plant employee ( ) if he had shot it twice and he confirmed that he did. I informed him that if the animal had to be re-stunned that it needed to be recorded in the log. He fixed the records to accurately to portray that the animal was first shot with the .22, then immediately re-stunned with the 410. I notified of the non-compliance. This was a Halal slaughtered bovine and they use the .22 caliber rifle to stun the animals if possible. 313.16 The firearms shall be employed in the delivery of a bullet or projectile into the animal in accordance with this section so as to produce immediate unconsciousness in the animal by a single shot before it is shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut. The animal shall be shot in such a manner that they will be rendered unconscious with a minimum of excitement and discomfort.

See: Friends Of Animals United (FAUN)

All of us need to end this totally unnecessary institutionalized animal cruelty by not eating or wearing any animal products, since the government seems unable or unwilling to stop it. Every one of us who is vegan takes money away from this violent killing industry, and serves as a witness of compassionate living to the world around us.

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