Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – S: Tri-Town Packing – 20101206

Institutionalized Animal Cruelty – S: Tri-Town Packing – 20101206

Lamb of God

Lamb of God

On 6 December 2010, Tri-Town Packing slaughterhouse in Brasher Falls, New York was inspected by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), and cited for failure to supply water to the animals. The report stated:

Citation: While performing an unscheduled humane handling check at approximately 1130 the following noncompliance was observed in the animal holding pens. There were 2 porcine held in pen number 4 and 2 porcine being held in pen number 1, neither pen held water for the animals. This is a violation of 9CFR 313.2(e) which states: “Animals shall have access to water in all holding pens and, if held longer than 24 hours, access to feed. There shall be sufficient room in the holding pen for animals held overnight to lie down.” Mr.____ was informed of this with US Reject/Retain Tag number B39600605 and immediately went to the barn and provided water to the animals being held in the pens. Mr.____ was informed that failure to follow the regulations can and will result in further regulatory control action including but not limited to suspension of grant of inspection.

See: Friends Of Animals United (FAUN)

What bothers us most about this report is the fact that the inspector indicated that this was an unscheduled inspection, because it leaves us with the question: are most of the inspections scheduled? And if so, are these facilities able to correct most of the problems before the inspector arrives?

For these and other reasons, we believe that there can never be any humane farming or slaughter of animals; for the very nature of the business deprives animals of the God given rights to enjoy life as He created for them to have. Legislation may help; but as we can see, it doesn’t stop the indifference to the suffering of animals.

The only sure way to end the use, exploitation, and suffering of animals is to Go Vegan, and expose the truth to the world around us.

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