John 9:6 Bible Commentary

John 9:6 Bible Commentary
When He had said this, He spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and applied the clay to his eyes,

John 9:6 Bible Commentary
John 9:6 Bible Commentary

This wasn’t very sanitary, and we believe that Jesus only did this to demonstrate His abilities more dramatically so that the people would remember, but He could have just opened the eyes of the blind man by the power of God.

Nevertheless, we are to pray for God’s healing powers of body and soul to heal everyone who has a problem when we encounter them.

Since most of the people who were watching what was going in only saw what was going on in the physical realm, so it might help our understanding by thinking about this in another way:

Neither the spit, nor the clay, nor the waters of the pool (see verse 7) caused this man to see.

He was healed solely by the power of God.

Have you ever seen a magician at work?

They try to distract you from seeing what they are really doing, by moving something else or having an assistant doing something, so that you look at the distraction and not the trick.

Jesus was doing the same type of thing, for even though the others had eyes, they were seeing only the physical (spit, clay, and water) and not the spiritual source of the healing, because most of the people didn’t fully believe; they were just looking on for the entertainment value.

Barnes Notes suggest that two reasons may be assigned for making this clay, and anointing the eyes with it. One is, that the Jews regarded spittle as medicinal to the eyes when diseased, and that they forbade the use of medicines on the Sabbath.

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