More Lunchtime Bullying and Sadism

More Lunchtime Bullying and Sadism

More Lunchtime Bullying and Sadism

Lamb of God

We have been hearing about more and more instances of workplace bullying and sadism against vegans and animal rights people, and we believe that it’s time for us to take action.

Jennifer wrote:

“I get things like this a lot at work and don’t understand why we vegans, vegetarians, and compassionate eaters can’t claim hate crimes or discrimination for this.

I have had to leave jobs because of the animosity from co-workers and management over my diet. I don’t like to eat with co-workers anymore because of the comments. I spend extra in gasoline and risk being fired to drive home and back for lunch to avoid problems and eat in peace.

Isn’t this a form of bullying or harassment? I’m looking for yet another job. I’m asking for part-time work with not enough hours to take lunch. I’ll just eat in the safety of my own home.”

Jennifer should not have to change her life to satisfy this kind of evil lunchtime bullying.

These people are definitely committing acts of psychological sadism and bullying, which we strongly believe should be considered harassment and discrimination.

Upon receiving some legal advice, we believe that we should start documenting every incident with names, dates and times, and keep them secure at home.

Anyone having these problems should report them to their supervisor as a form of bullying and discrimination. If management doesn’t do anything or is part of the problem, then it may be a case for the State labor board or division of employment. It’s still a grey area of the law, but if enough complaints are filed, we most likely will get satisfaction. And if someone gets fired for their compassionate beliefs, then we believe it’s definitely a case.

We need to quit giving in to the bullying and psychological sadism and take a stand against it.

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