Sadism During Lunch

Sadism During Lunch

Sadism During Lunch
Lamb of God

This is another situation of sadism inflicted upon humans that was sent to us by K. She wrote:

“These sadistic encounters happen every day, even when I just quietly sit there and eat my lunch at work.   Yesterday I tried a new brand of vegan burgers. I cooked it in our break room in the oven and put it in a bun with the usual things you put on a burger.  It looked real. So one of our housekeeper’s first reaction was “what are you eating?”…as in “I caught you eating meat.”

At the same time a younger nurse who sat across from me commented on my food, said that it looked not good and that she can’t wait to go home to eat a “thick juicy burger from a fat cow.” Then she had a big grin on her face, waiting for my reaction (which never came).

Such ugly people.”

It is important for all of us to expose these encounters of sadism, as we are doing here.

This kind of sadism may be subtle, but it is none the less sadism, and the people who do these kinds of things show their hardness of heart toward animals and the people who care about them.

God tells us that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, and we strongly believe that the animals are also our neighbors, which makes these acts of sadism against God’s heavenly will.

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2 thoughts on “Sadism During Lunch

  1. I get things like this a lot at work and don’t understand why we vegans/vegetarians/compassionate eaters cant claim hate crimes or discrimination for this. I have had to leave jobs because of the animosity from co-workers and management over my diet. I don’t like to eat w co-workers anymore because of the comments. I spend extra in gasoline and risk being fired to drive home and back for lunch to avoid problems and eat in peace. Isn’t this a form of bullying or harassment? I’m looking for yet another job. Asking for part-time, with not enough hours to take lunch. I’ll just eat in the safety of my own home.

    1. Dear Jennifer: These people are definitely committing acts of psychological sadism and bullying, which we strongly believe should be considered a hate crime and discrimination. We are looking into what can be done.

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