Recipes Introduction

Recipes Introduction

We love to cook and experiment with all kinds of plant foods and seasonings to create delicious vegan recipes, and we’ve been doing it for more than a quarter centuary. From time to time, we will be publishing some of our many recipes on this blog. This series will be a part of our web site cookbook: How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat. Our motto is: let no animal suffer or die that we might live.

When we first decided on the title for this book, we debated over whether to  call it, as it is today “How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat”, or “What Mary and  Frank and Friends Eat”. To say “How” implies, at first glance, to be with a fork  or spoon or even with our hands, where “What” would just naturally refer to  food, and therefore would seem to be more appropriate. If we are talking only  about food and recipes, that would be a different story, but this book speaks of  a lifestyle as well as of food. Thus, we would not say, “What we live”, but “How  we live.”

We live a life that is dedicated to love and compassion for all of God’s  creation. We live a life that feels the pain and suffering of all sentient  beings, whether human or animal. We also live a life that appreciates the joys  of everyday living. And it is in this light, that we cannot cause pain or  suffering in one of God’s created beings, for the purpose of pleasing another,  least of all ourselves; thus we do our very best not to use any animal products.

So, “How Mary and Frank and Friends Eat”, is a fun journey and guide to  compassionate and healthful eating; that we and the animals around us may  together enjoy the bountiful gifts of plant foods that God has given us. And in  the writing of this book, we are hopefully offering you additional opportunities  to enjoy the world around us.

Come! Join us on this journey. And, if you have some vegan recipes that you  believe others would enjoy, please send them along. <[email protected]>

With a heart filled with love and compassion, and a good appetite,

Mary T. Hoffman
Frank L. Hoffman

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