John 9:3 Bible Commentary

John 9:3 Bible Commentary
Jesus answered, “It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was in order that the works of God might be displayed in him.

John 9:3 Bible Commentary
John 9:3 Bible Commentary

So, Jesus answers their question, the man’s blindness was not caused by sin despite what the general thought was in this physical world, but with the explanation that through his life God would be glorified.

Jesus tried to take their eyes off the physical and focus them on the spiritual.

Jesus very clearly explains that not every problem in the world is caused by a person’s individual sin. It may be simply to glorify God as He told His disciples, or it most likely came about because we live in a fallen and corrupted world.

However, no matter what the cause, every time one of these problems or maladies is eliminated or restored to God’s creation intent, our Father in heaven is glorified

And we believe that God is glorified in everyone who believes in Him, as well as in every effort we put in to freeing His creation from its present corruption and ending the suffering of any humans or animals by ending the cause of their suffering.

As an example, being a vegan frees at least two animals a week from this suffering and lessens the pollution of this world.

In addition, being a healthful vegan improves our health, saving us money and lessening the burden of paying medical bills.

Also, while there was no sin cause in this man or his parents, his blindness and his healing by Jesus on the Sabbath testified against a nation that needed healing from their hardness of heart. It is also a message for us today for the same kind of healing.

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